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Friday, May 25, 2012

that's all she wrote ♥

That's a negative ghost rider I never paid homage to the emptiness of promises it's odd enough that a lot of us know that sum are a minus they don't add up we peep tha spotted folks that flip over to stripes yooo I'm SO turned off without a remote they ridiculously mock and risk ridicule instead of vote quick to fail a life lesson quiz and bite while they misquote till these cut throat mosquito's with no toes get a sore throat advise em to stay in their writeful place they write it out I white em out like whiteout be like the fat boys and call it a wipe-out and that's all she wrote ♥


Saturday, April 14, 2012


My Lil mans' growin up
he's gettin too big for his britches
told em...
LIFE requires you know a few things
keep it movin on bitches
learn CPR for snitches
remember that
our ancestors picked cotton
so don't be a slave to it too often

know your place
and don't let others speed in yo lane
the rest are just lessons
that you should learn fast
tha game
but don't be
the game
gettin played

you're an explanation point
not a question mark
stay good at math and estimate fast
how far you can swim wit a pack of sharks
in Brick City you got to go
from pollywog to SHARK in a matter of minuets
watch yo ass
but don't
wash it wit em in tha river
once you burn those bridges!!

Son... stay blessed
if there's an on and off button
don't be stressed
your education and money made already
can not be repossessed
last but not least
ya destiny aint on lease be a beast
yo parents weren't having it
in tha least!!

~~ Jamie Bond

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

check out Blaq Ice and Blaq Ice II

check out Blaq Ice and Blaq Ice II
and stay in the loop!!!
who does it better?? who keeps its hot
and stays so ice cold wit it???