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Thursday, October 31, 2013



they say ...
how the towers fell to the ground
where we were when it happened
the horror and helplessness
the ongoing news coverage,
disbelief, the fall, the mangled mess
most of all they say
the anger and the confusion
of the senseless act of terrorism
and the successful attempts to bring grief to us

they say...
the ruble, the clean up crew, the vigils and the prayers
Rudy Giuliani being in more places at once than any other mayor
the victims, the hero's, the volunteers, the grieving families
the building #7 that fell due to the impact of the towers buckling
the stench of death, those who got sick because of it,
of those who felt sick and nauseous as a result it
those who received ONE tiny bone from DNA results
and were told... that's your family member
I'm sorry for your loss...

they say...
WE REMEMBER what used to be there
we will rebuild the hi rises and replace these ground zero lights
hearts filled with vulnerability, regret fist pumps and disgust
that's what they say... it resonates and echoes ...
they say WE REMEMBER

WE REMEMBER....that's what they say
they say WE REMEMBER
I cry inside everyday my blood steam feels like soup
vowing silently 9-11 TO NEVER FORGET any of you

~~ Jamie Bond

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