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Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Power of Words

The Power of Words
Thank you for coming, 
please check your thoughts at the door!
You see; 
I write for the same reason I breathe!
And the power of my words
Will need you to Scribe it
Like yours depends on me
Your thoughts are my flashlight
And my emotions are your batteries!
And with the power of my words;
I have the ability to flip moods and scenes
Which has a profound effect; 
on how we feel,
Both mentally and physically
Sometimes I save
Sometimes I kill
Sometimes I grab or let go …
Signing birth certificates and wills
I am known; to inspire you to pen,
The deepest of emotions, cures and formulas
So now; ask yourself; What is life?
And…What are you doing with yours?
Are you….
Excited or Agitated,
Complete or Defective,
Perhaps an
Activist or Advocate….
My words spit that true business while it will;
Hit you at the knees and yet still uplifts
Words bring life, like plants and trees bring oxygen;
So I breathe fire every day; like an awakened dragon!
Be on some buck it up, suck it up and handle it
Because I don’t want to hear it because….
My words come in seminars with concern for minds
Here to fill thought reservoirs with words between lines…
I am life, and they call me that because… it’s all good
Because I hawk it and spit out
Like I’ve been chewing tobacco of truth
I am life to love and pain… 
and what is that without expression?
I am the poetic newscaster; the networking pulse regulator;
Connecting and encouraging
I write about the lives of kids that you may ignore
The elderly ones you all know about and shut your eyes and doors!
I write for that animal that needs adoption and companionship!
I write about life thru the blood sweat tears and toil
The soldiers struggle, the lessons… 
thru success, war and turmoil
We all have the power
to create impressions, images and expectations
So; until I’m wordless then know this….
And our actions harness power thru poetry with a purpose
Now…We can either
Ban together to construct mental connections OR Lower expectations
And Hold people back by pre murdering enthusiasm,
OR We can impact self-esteem, Motivate, and offer hope, Create vision,
Confidently influence thinking and alter results.
We are Unmuted Ink spilling our thoughts,
With real common sense conversations,
Being the exchange and or the payoff…

-- IBJB 💋🎤

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