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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Live your life

in the arena of this life
my fight 
is as real as it gets with challenges
got my nikes on 
wit new balance insteps
on the live wires tight rope
arms out like wings 
tryna keep my balance
haters have 
an indecent exposure
while destiny is the chauffeur
I have these 
passionate premonitions 
at times
that just seem to take over
I see things come into fruition way before its time
a movie behind my eyes

rule of all rules
your future and education 
will never 
be in foreclosure
real eyes realize real lies 
I'm civilized I don't symbolize
I finalize what I idolize 
what I moralize I verbalize
I monopolize what they penalize
I'm walking flyer don't ask why 
-- IBJB ❤️

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