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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spent emotions

There comes a time when you gotta separate
your hopes from your dreams and your wants from your needs
define descriptions of nondescript full scripts
and refine flipped scriptures decipher embellished scriptures 
and just let em ad-lib the script with strict strictures
no actors for a cast in this crack of dawns forecast
because there is indeed a huge difference
between talking and communicating this is simply a forewarning
There's a big difference between
colds and flu and tornado watches and warnings
fact of the matter is either you're alive eying the storm
or you're dying in the eye of my storm....
let me know what class you took where you went
what grade you got what test you meant
cuz the 2nd Amendment is a testament and I'll test ya men
Brick City over here dawg you bear arms with your bare arms
or get diffused and disarmed let me know cuz over here yo
a hero can go fast forward to descendant in a matter of minutes
~~ Jamie Bond <3

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